More Details about Liquid Moulding Technologies

General Information  
Author(s)C D Rudd and A C Long and K N Kendall and C Mangin
PublisherWood Head Publishing
Publish YearJanuary 1997


Liquid moulding technologies such as RTM and SRIM are increasingly used for manufacturing composites in a variety of industries. Most interest stems from the automotive industry in the continuing search for weight savings, manufacturing economies and vehicle refinement. Liquid Moulding Technologies provides a unique insight into the development and use of such processes with a comprehensive description of the material, process variants, equipment, control strategies and tooling techniques used. Procedures for materials characterisation, preform and mould design are also described and the text is augmented by a number of case studies for prototype and production parts. This book is an invaluable source for both industrial moulders and those working in research and development.