More Details about Magbook-Basic Numeracy

General Information  
Author(s)Arihant Experts
PublisherArihant Publications
Publish YearJanuary 2015


Magbook as the name suggests offers unique advantage of both magazines and books in a single place. Same is the uniqueness of the Magbook Series by Arihant which covers the syllabus of Basic Numeracy section asked in UPSC (CSAT) and State PSCs and other competitive exams. The present Magbook for Basic Numeracy covers all possible Types of Basic Numeracy questions generally asked in various competitive examinations. This book providing extensive coverage of Basic Numeracy has been divided into 20 chapters namely Number System, Fraction, Algebra, LCM & HCF, Average, Percentage, Order of Magnitude, Profit, Loss & Discount, Ratio, Proportion, Partnership & Mixture, Time & Work, Time, Speed & Distance, Simple & Compound Interest, Permutation & Combination, Probability, Sets & Venn Diagram, Area & Perimeter, Surface Area & Volume of Solid Figures, Sequence & Series, Plane Geometry and Statistics. The book also ensures coverage of all questions asked in the previous years’ papers. Each section also contains practice exercises to ensure that the aspirants know the various types of Basic Numeracy questions which may be expected in CSAT examination. At the end three practice sets designed exactly on the basis of the examination pattern have also been provided for thorough practice of the various types of Basic Numeracy questions. Also CSAT Archive section has been provided at the end to help aspirants get an insight into the types of Basic Numeracy questions asked in the examination. As the book contains ample study as well as practice material for Basic Numeracy along with ample number of previous years’ solved questions, it is highly recommended for the aspirants of UPSC (CSAT), State PSCs and other competitive exams.