More Details about Magnetic Bearings Theory Design And Application To Rotating Machinery

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Author(s)Contributions by P Keogh and Contributions by Gerhard Schweitzer and Contributions by R Larsonneur and Contributions by M Cole and Contributions by Eric H Maslen and Contributions by Yoshio Okad
Publish YearMay 2009


Compiling the expertise of nine pioneers of the field, Magnetic Bearings - Theory, Design, and Application to Rotating Machinery offers an encyclopedic study of this rapidly emerging field with a balanced blend of commercial and academic perspectives. Every element of the technology is examined in detail, beginning at the component level and proceeding through a thorough exposition of the design and performance of these systems. The book is organized in a logical fashion, starting with an overview of the technology and a survey of the range of applications. A background chapter then explains the central concepts of active magnetic bearings while avoiding a morass of technical details. From here, the reader continues to a meticulous, state-of-the-art exposition of the component technologies and the manner in which they are assembled to form the AMB/rotor system. These system models and performance objectives are then tied together through extensive discussions of control methods for both rigid and flexible rotors, including conside