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Magnetobiology Underlying Physical Problems at Meripustak

Magnetobiology Underlying Physical Problems by Vladimir N. Binhi , Elsevier

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Vladimir N. Binhi
    Publish YearApril 2002


    Elsevier Magnetobiology Underlying Physical Problems by Vladimir N. Binhi

    People are immersed in electromagnetic fields from such sources as power lines, domestic appliances, mobile phones, and even electrical storms. All living beings sense electric fields, but the physical origins of the phenomenon are still unclear. Magnetobiology considers the effects of electromagnetic fields on living organisms. It provides a comprehensive review of relevant experimental data and theoretical concepts, and discusses all major modern hypotheses on the physical nature of magnetobiological effects. It also highlights some problems that have yet to be solved and points out new avenues for research.

    Why do some people feel unwell during a lightning storm?

    Why is there a correlation between the level of electromagnetic background and the incidence of cancer?

    Why do so many medical centers use electromagnetic exposures to treat a wide variety of disorders in humans?

    The international scientific community is extremely interested in a theory of magnetobiology and the answers to these and other questions, as evidenced by the growing number of research associations in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has named electromagnetic contamination in occupational and residential areas as a stress factor for human beings.

    This book stands out among recent texts on magnetobiology because it draws on a strong foundation of empirical and theoretical evidence to explain the various effects of magnetic fields on the human body. It contains the first comprehensive collection of experimental data bearing physical information, frequency and amplitude/power spectra, and original research data on how electromagnetic fields interfere with ions and molecules inside the proteins of living organisms.
    Contributors. Foreword by Professor Chris Haines. Preface. 1. Post-Harvest Systems in Agriculture (F. Goletti and E. Samman). 2. Biology of Plant Commodities (D. Rees and L. Hammond). 3. Physical Factors in Post-Harvest Quality (A.D. Devereau). 4. Biological Factors in Post-Harvest Quality (G. Farrell). 5. Technology and Management of Storage (R.A. Boxall). 6. Pest Management (P. Golob). 7. Remedial Treatments in Pest Management (R.W.D. Taylor and P. Golob). 8. Food Processing and Preservation (A.A. Swetman). 9. Food Systems (P.S. Hindmarsh). 10. Applied Research and Dissemination (H.C. Coote and N.K. Marsland). 11. Trade and International Agreements (P. Greenhalgh and J.A. Conway). Glossary. Appendix 1: Some Important Post-Harvest Pests. Appendix 2: Some Important Post-Harvest Pathogens. Appendix 3: Some Important Post-Harvest Concern. Index.