More Details about Making The Team 4th Edition

General Information  
Author(s)Leigh L Thompson
Edition4th Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2014


Salient Features NEW! Get the Latest Information, Directly From the Source: •Over 184 new research cases have been cited in the new edition. Updated Chapter Content. Several chapters of this text include updated material in order to reflect the new theory and research that has emerged since the economic crisis of 2008. NEW! See the Real-World Context: New Case Studies. More than 162 new case studies and examples of actual company teams have been added. Each chapter has a brand new opening example that's used to illustrate how the concepts in the text play out in real-world situations. •Many of the concepts are supplemented with illustrations and examples from real teams, both contemporary and historical. Become an Effective Team Leader or Player: Written for Two Audiences. Making the Team has two audiences: the team leaders and members. For the leader, the book directs itself toward how teams can be designed to optimal performance. For team members, the book focuses on the skills needed to be an important and productive member of the team. Gain a Birds-Eye View of Teams: Focus on the Big Picture. Making the Team shows students the big picture by demonstrating how the team fits into the larger organization. Equipping managers for the long term, this text also highlights developments and trends that may affect how managers structure their teams in the future.