A major contribution of the first of the text was to define the scope or domain of management information system. the text was very well received by the information system academic community.It was used across a wide variety of courses ranging from introductory undergraduate courses to graduate seminars. The reason for the diversity of use is the unique contribution of the book.The scope of the text is an organizational information system as broadly defined,It includes standard operational system.information system for management control,Information system for strategic management , decision support system, office information system and knowledge work support systems.

Key Features:-

  • Reorganization of the chapters. The description of the structure of a management information system
  • Expansion of the material on support system. Two chapters are devoted to the subject: Chapter 12 on
  • Reorganization and rewriting of the section on Development, Implementation, and Management of Inform
  • Addition of short discussion cases at the end of each chapter.

More Details about Management Information Systems

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2006