The book is not only a theoretical narration of principles of refraction, but also enumerates and illustrates a myriad problems and pitfalls that lie to trap the unwary, the casual and even, at times, an experienced clinician. Many a times, it is the fine tuning of the previous prescription (of some other clinician), which satisfies the disgruntled patient. Learning these, the book is the hallmark of a skilled refracting ophthalmologist, one who has mastered the art of prescribing spectacles! Though certain relevant refraction tests and procedures are mentioned or described (which are standard textbook procedures), the book is not meant to describe the basics of refraction. It is assumed that the reader has already acquired the basic knowledge of refraction. The book will further enhance its commitment towards refraction, the ability to deal with pitfalls and problems faced in certain patients, and to fine tune his refracting skills. Also equally important is to have knowledge of the various types of lenses available in the market, which one to prescribe, suitability of individual patient, and how to prescribe. The type of frame to be worn for a particular type of refractive error is also of paramount importance. All of these, including the type of lenses to be used, is left to the fancy of the patient and the whim of the optician. Therefore, the book will also give an account of what type of lenses are available in the market, their specific qualities, what is suitable for a particular refractive error, how to prescribe a particular type of lens for a particular patient, and more importantly, the type of frame to be used for optimum comfort to the patient.

More Details about Management of Refractive Errors and Prescription of Spectacles

General Information  
Author(s)Yogesh Shukla
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2015