More Details about Managerial Economics And Strategy

General Information  
Author(s)Perloff Et Al
Publish YearAugust 2013


Economics is a powerful tool that can help managers to manage effectively. In "Managerial Economics and Strategy" Jeffrey Perloff and James Brander use real-world issues and examples from actual markets to show future managers how economic principles can be used in business decisions. "In text examples" and boxed "mini-cases" use actual data to illustrate how to use basic models. For example, to illustrate rivalry in oligopolistic markets, the authors look at rivalry between United and American Airlines and between Coke and Pepsi. Mini-case examples include why American Apparel is vertically integrated and why upscale manufacturers limit the number of designer hand-bags a customer is allowed to buy. To help future managers learn to solve new problems, Perloff and Brander repeatedly demonstrate problem-solving through "in-text Q&As." Each Q&A poses an important managerial or economic issue and demonstrates how to solve it using a step-by-step approach.