The current manuscript has been organized systematically in twenty two chapters The Chapters deal separately or in combination with each of the insect pest which attack mango crop. They are hoppers, mealybug, gall midge, psyllids,leaf webber, stem borer.fruit flies. Stone weevil. Shoot borers, leaf eating caterpillars. Bark eating caterpillars. Leaf and flower feeding caterpillars, fruit borers. Fruit sucking moths. Leaf miners. Termites, scale insects. Thrips. Aphids and ants. Each of the Chapter discusses taxonomy, geographical distribution, losses caused and nature of damage, alternate hosts, binomics and life history, control measures including biological-predators, parasites and pathogens, plant products, chemical cultural, integrated pest management of particular insect pest. Ln the end of chapter, future thrusts have also been included, Each chapter is followed by an exhaustive bibliography.

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Author(s)Srivastava R P
Publish YearJanuary 2015