This book deals with the fundamental aspects of nursing procedures. It has been divided into two parts: Part II is divided into 43 chapters. The book deals with all those nursing activities which are related to conducting tests on a patient. The following topics have been discussed: Offering urinal and bedpan; Urinary catheterization - straight or indwelling catheter; Care of the patient with indwelling catheter; Condom catheter drainage; Administration of suppositories; Enema; Gastric lavage; Colonic irrigation; Collection of specimens (blood urine sputum stool and throat swab); Lumbar puncture; Abdominal paracentesis; Gastric analysis; Administration of medication - oral medication; Intradermal injection; Subcutaneous injection; Intramuscular injection; Intravenous injection; Topical medication - ointments and drops; Ophthalmic medication; Nasal instillation; Ear medications; Eye irrigation; Instillation of eye drops and ointments; Ear irrigation; Intravenous fluid infusion; Transfusion of blood and blood products; Oxygen administration; Steam inhalation; Cold compress; Local cold application; Local dry heatapplication; Local moist heat application; Tepid sponge; Urine test for specific gravity pH and bile; Test for sugaracetone and albumin; Breathing exercises; Bandages; Cardiopulmonary resuscitation; and Documentation.

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