More Details about Manual Of Nephrology 8th Edition

General Information  
Author(s)SCHRIER R W
PublisherWolters Kluwer | Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Edition8th Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2018


Table of Contents:- 1- The Edematous Patient: Cardiac Failure, Cirrhosis, and 2 -The Patient with Hyponatremia or Hypernatremia 28 Robert W. Schrier and Tomas Berl 3 -The Patient with Hypokalemia or Hyperkalemia 48 Jie Tang and Stuart L. Linas 4- The Patient with an Acid–Base Disorder 62 William D. Kaehny 5 -The Patient with Disorders of Serum Calcium and Phosphorus 79 Jeffrey G. Penfield and Robert F. Reilly 6-6 The Patient with Kidney Stones 106 Robert F. Reilly 7- The Patient with Urinary Tract Infection125 Jessica B. Kendrick, L. Barth Reller, and Marilyn E. Levi 8 -The Patient with Hematuria, Proteinuria, or Both, and Abnormal Findings on Urinary Microscopy 158 Godela M. Brosnahan 9- The Patient with Glomerular Disease or Vasculitis 180 Sarah E. Panzer and Joshua M. Thurman 10- The Patient with Acute Kidney Injury 201 Sarah Faubel and Charles L. Edelstein 11- The Patient with Chronic Kidney Disease 241 Michel Chonchol and Jessica B. Kendrick 12 -The Patient Receiving Chronic Renal Replacement with Dialysis 253 Seth Furgeson and Isaac Teitelbaum 13- The Patient with a Kidney Transplant 263 James E. Cooper, Laurence Chan, and Alexander Wiseman 14- The Patient with Kidney Disease and Hypertension in Pregnancy 286 Phyllis August, Diana I. Jalal, and Judy Blaine 15- The Patient with Hypertension 318 Seth Furgeson, Charles R. Nolan, and Robert W. Schrier 16- Practical Guidelines for Drug Dosing in Patients with Impaired Kidney Function 351 Ali Olyaei and William M. Bennett