Since 1986, theManual of Clinical Psychopharmacologyhas been the gold standard for applying psychotropic medications to the treatment of specific psychiatric conditions. With each new edition, the book has grown in stature as well as in size, making it the bestselling book of its kind. While the information is both up-to-the-minute and comprehensive, perhaps the book's most compelling attribute is its collegial and accessible writing style. Practicing psychiatrists, psychopharmacologists, pharmacists, and students in psychiatry and pharmacology will find the narrative easy to follow, without sacrificing depth. Reliable, readable, and highly regarded, this new edition of theManual of Clinical Psychopharmacologycontinues the tradition established by its predecessors.

Key Features:-

  • Foundational information on the general principles of psychopharmacological treatment to ground and
  • Practical advice, both evidence-based and derived from the authors' clinical experience, on dosing,
  • Extensive coverage of augmentation for treatment-resistant disorders, including depression, bipolar
  • A special section on geriatric psychopharmacology, a field that continues to gain prominence as the
  • Coverage of special topics, including emergency room treatment, pharmacotherapy for substance use di
  • Summary tables of key information on classes of psychotropics, which serve as quick reference guides

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General Information  
PublisherAmerican Psychiatric Publishing
BindingPaper Back
Publish YearJanuary 2010