Marketing Channels is a comprehensive, syllabi oriented textbook designed especially for students of post graduate management programmes, specializing in marketing. The book delves into core concepts and theories of the distribution aspect of marketing and explains them through numerous examples, figures, images, and cases. Divided into five parts, the book begins with an overview of sales and distribution in India and goes on to discuss the various formats and environment of channels. Part II acquaints the students with the various components related to the design of distribution channels. Part III explores the management of marketing channels, which involves understanding the structure and integration as well as managing members and their conflicts. Performance evaluation and information systems constitute Part IV of the book. The concluding part, i.e., Part V, is devoted to modern distribution channels, which include rural distribution, distribution in the digital age, and international marketing channels. Besides students of marketing, the book will also be useful to practitioners in the field of logistics and distribution.

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Author(s) Dinesh Kumar
PublisherOxford University Press
Publish YearApril 2012