Master Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions in India is a comprehensive book covering the taxation and regulatory aspects of mergers and acquisitions deals. 

Apart from exhaustive tax analysis, this book also provides a bird’s-eye view of the regulatory requirement that govern mergers and acquisitions.

This book provides commentary on the present tax and regulatory landscape, an insight into the role and concerns of the Private Equity investor in the Indian market today, as well as, the key issues to be considered when contemplating a cross-border merger - inbound and outbound – with an Indian company. It outlines the current applicable legislation, detailing the existing law, its interpretation along with judicial precedents, and illustrations that clarify when and how the provisions apply to each transaction.

This book also provides an insight into anticipated changes by highlighting key provisions that have been clarified/changed in the new code and their possible impact going forward.

This would be a useful book for tax and accounting professionals to refer to while planning and structuring deals, as all the tax and regulatory provisions are given in-depth coverage. Complex situations are explained with supporting case laws and illustrative examples. 


Chapter 1 Current Mergers and Acquisitions scenario - Global and India
Chapter 2 Mergers and Amalgamations
Chapter 3 Acquisitions
Chapter 4 Private Equity Investment
Chapter 5 Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 6 Due Diligence – Tax Perspective
Chapter 7 Impact of Direct Tax Code
Chapter 8 General Anti Avoidance Regulations

Key Features:-

  • Coverage of all types of mergers and acquisition deals as well as balance sheet/
  • Broad insights on the regulatory and stamp duty implications.
  • Depth analysis of various Tax implications on important issues
  • Case studies on mergers and acquisition deals for better understanding of merger
  • Discussions on various aspects relating to tax due diligence i.e. coverage
  • Key considerations for cross border mergers and acquisition deals

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General Information  
Author(s)Ernst and Young
PublisherCCH India
Publish YearMay 2014