The standard in prosthodontics for nearly 50 years, this full-color text walks readers through all the principles and concepts surrounding removable partial denture treatment planning and design that today’s practitioners need to know. Using an evidence-based approach, this new edition incorporates the latest information on new techniques, procedures, and equipment.

About the Author
Dr. Alan B. Carr, Chair of the Department of Dental Specialties at Mayo Clinic, is a consultant in the Division of Prosthodontics and a professor of dentistry at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Dr. Carr is board certified by the American Board of Prosthodontics. He served in the Air Force and has degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi, University of Mississippi, and Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. He is also a member of the American Dental Association and the American College of Prosthodontists. His clinical practice focuses on combined prosthodontics and reconstruction of patients with disabling oral conditions. His research interests include patient management best practices, clinical practice analytics using practice-specific outcome registries, and the impact of oral health on general health and well-being. Dr. David T. Brown, Indiana University School of Dentistry, is the Chair of the Comprehensive Care and General Dentistry Department and Professor of Prosthodontics. Dr. Brown is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and received his prosthodontic training at the Mayo Clinic/Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. He has been a full-time faculty member at Indiana University since 1986, teaching in both the predoctoral curriculum and the postgraduate prosthodontic program. Dr. Brown is board certified by the American Board of Prosthodontics. He has been a reviewer for a number of professional journals and is a member of several dental and prosthodontic organizations. He currently serves as a member of the Executive Council for the Academy of Prosthodontics.

Table of Content
1 Partially Edentulous Epidemiology,
Physiology, and Terminology 
2 Considerations for Managing Partial Tooth Loss
3 Classification of Partially Edentulous Arches
4 Biomechanics of Removable Partial Dentures 
5 Major and Minor Connectors 
6 Rests and Rest Seats 
7 Direct Retainers 8 Indirect Retainers 
9 Denture Base Considerations 
10 Principles of Removable Partial Denture Design
11 Surveying 
12 Considerations for the Use of Dental Implants with Removable Partial Dentures 

13 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 
14 Preparation of the Mouth for Removable Partial Dentures 
15 Preparation of Abutment Teeth
16 Impression Materials and Procedures for Removable Partial Dentures 
17 Support for the Distal Extension Denture Base 
18 Occlusal Relationships for Removable Partial Dentures
19 Laboratory Procedures 
20 Work Authorizations for Removable Partial Dentures 
21 Initial Placement, Adjustment, and Servicing of the Removable Partial Denture 

22 Relining and Rebasing the Removable Partial Denture 
23 Repairs and Additions to Removable Partial Dentures 
24 Interim Removable Partial Dentures 
25 Removable Partial Denture Considerations in Maxillofacial Prosthetics 

Appendix A Glossary 
Appendix B Selected Reading Resources

Key Features:-

  • Expanded information on the use of implants with removable partial dentures high
  • Standardized removable partial denture designs offered for application to the ma
  • More information on dynamic communication, which incorporates the progress being

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General Information  
Author(s)Alan B Carr and David T Brown
PublisherElsevier Science
Edition1st Edition 2016
Publish YearJuly 2016