This book covers entire subject of Community Medicine and contains around 1000 MCQs. It aims to provide a comprehensive accessible updates of Community Medicine in a small package. The MCQs in this book are meant for revising the subject and also to evaluate one’s performance. There are questions such as “All the following answers are correct EXCEPT….”. Such questions provide 3 correct and 1 incorrect options about that topic and one has to dig out the incorrect one. Similarly there are questions which have options such as none of the above and all of the above or any two options are correct; here the idea is to apply your knowledge and deductive skill to find out the correct response. The idea is to simultaneously increase the knowledge of the subject and also to evaluate the performance. Further the answers are provided at the bottom of the same page which makes it easy-to-solve and cross check the questions.

Key Features:-

  • A compact and handy book
  • Provides a unique compilation of MCQs on Community Medicine
  • Includes around 1000 useful and informative MCQs
  • Covers all the topics of the subject
  • Helpful for a quick revision in a short time
  • Aims to provide a comprehensive accessible updates in a small package

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General Information  
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2013