More Details about Mechanics A Modelling Approach

General Information  
Author(s)Raine and D
Publish YearJanuary 2015


Newtonian mechanics is taught as part of every physics pro­gram for several reasons. It is a towering intellectual achieve­ment; it has diverse applications; and it provides a context for teaching modelling and problem solving. This text gives equal prominence to all three missions. It therefore includes some advanced material as well as the customary introductory topic and is designed to be studied over an extended time-frame, somewhat beyond the first year of an English university phys­ics programme. The problem-solving aspects are developed more fully than in many other texts; showing students how problems are approached and bringing out the ways of going about constructing a model and solution. Each chapter starts with a problem, for which the following text provides the background to a solution. I hope that know­ing what the question is makes the following material more digestible. Some end-of -chapter question, but not drill exercises are so readily available (and contractible) that it seemed an extravagant use of paper to write yet more. It is a handy book for all the undergraduate students of Physics.