More Details about Mechanics Of Materials

General Information  
Author(s)Robert W Fitzgerald
Edition2nd Edition
Publish YearOctober 2016


The objective of the study of mechanics of materials is to provide the student with an understanding of the relationship between external forces applied to an engineering structure and the resulting behavior of the parts of that structure. Mechanics provides the foundation for engineering design. The basic principles of mechanics are relatively they may be analyzed in a simple, logical manner. Salient Features The emphasis of this book has been toward making the subject matter logical and easy to learn for the beginning student. The derivations and analyses maintain the usual degree of rigor for standard textbooks in mechanics of materials. Importance is placed on comprehension of behavior and the application of principles and techniques to problem solution. The breaking down of a problem into relatively simple elements, combined with a comparatively lengthy description of physical behavior and details of problem-solving techniques, has been emphasized.