Medicine is a vast subject and requires a steadfast open inquisitive mind to acquire its knowledge through a process of constant exploration and study. The basic aim of learning medicine is to understand the disease a person is suffering from in a very humane approach. Patients ailment or suffering may not be only physical but also psychological. A careful understanding of the psyche of the person coming to tl-e Doctor shall go a long way in reaching the diagnosis and subse- quent management. The aim is to learn the subject in a thorough manner to acquire-the skill for proper diagnosis and management of the patient to the best of his/her interests. The present century has made great advances in investigative skills. No doubt advances in laboratory and investigative techniques have revolutionized the concept of medicine and have become a real boon but still it is very essential to learn basic medicine since any doctor who is bereft of the fundamentals of basic medicine shall never be a complete doctor. Newer diagnostic tools and investigations should only serve as helpful aids and not make or mar the diagnosis of any patient. Those who depend only on these aids shall be doing great disservice to the patient and are liable to misdiagnose the case. So every student of medicine must keep his/her eyes open and try to learn the subject with zeal and wisdom. One should be receptive to the new ideas but at the same time not discard the old concepts.

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Author(s)S N Khosla and Amit Khosla
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