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Author(s)Das and B S
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2010


Memoirs of an Indian Diplomat seamlessly weaves together the narrative of the author’s personal journey of intellectual maturation and self-realization, and the meta-narrative of India 's 'coming-of-age ' since independence. Drawn into the whirlwind of India 's freedom movement in 1942 as a student, the author went on to serve briefly in the Indian Police Service and finally entered the hallowed Indian Foreign Service, accomplishing crucial diplomatic missions to Soviet Union, Bhutan and Sikkim. Adding life and spice to his share of history-making in post-independence India, the author shares not only his own personal and professional anxieties, dilemmas and delights, but also rare insights into India 's evolving foreign policy and the psyche and working of India 's ruling elite and their power plays both within and outside the country. Peppered with anecdotes about his diplomatic maneuvers and dealings, as well as the moods and quirks of eminent political figures and bureaucrats he consorted with, this book gives a slice of history with a human touch.