Methods in Biotechnology and Bioengineering is a self-contained compilation of laboratory experimental protocols to meet the need of students, experienced researchers and newcomers to the biotechnology discipline with diversified biotechnological interests. It provides highly useful experimental details on immobilization technology, cell and tissue culture, electrophoresis, conjugation techniques, fermentation, enzyme isolation and characterization, DNAIRNA isolation, cloning and analysis, hybridoma technology, immunological techniques (covering immunization and immunodiagnostics). The protocols are contained in different relevant chapters. Every chapter starts with concise and most relevant introduction to the chapter followed by algorithm of various experimental methods. Methods are very well developed and tested in laboratories from all over the world and presented in this volume with adaptable modifications to make them easily workable. Emphasis has been placed on qualitative procedure, central strategy and alternatives to the methods. Also at the end, index for at-a-glance accessibility is provided. Hope this book will be a highly helpful instruction guide for self-training of the students in the laboratory without requiring any instructive and demonstrative helps.

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Author(s)Vyas S P
Publish YearJanuary 2010