Programmers everywhere are talking about Windows programming using the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)--and with good reason. MFC provides a time-saving alternative method of Windows programming based on an extensive set of C++ class libraries, freeing you from tedious, repetitive work. Herb Schildt, widely recognized as the world's leading C/C++ author, has written MFC Programming from the Ground Up, you'll follow along as sample MFC programs are developed and explained with Schildt's uncompromising clairty and insight. You will learn how to handle messages, create menus, develop dialog boxes, and handle controls. Several chapters are devoted to the new, common controls such as toolbars, tree views, and status bars. MFC Programming from the Ground Up also covers advanced topics, such as the Windows 95 console interface, mulithreaded multitasking, floating menus, context-sensitive help, and the system registry. MFC Programming from the Ground Up fully covers MFC version 4 and includes complete descriptions of the new programming elements supported by Windows 95, Windows NT, and the Win32 environment. Of course, Windows 3.1-related materials is also included, so no matter which version of Windows you use, this is the only MFC book you'll need to get the job done.

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