More Details about Microbiology An Introduction (PB)

General Information  
PublisherCengage Learning India
BindingPaper Back
Publish YearJanuary 2009


This book covers all aspects of microbiology basic and applied, including medical, environmental, agricultural, and industrial. One primary emphasis is medical: two entire parts (Parts III and IV) of the book deal with microbial diseases. These follow a consideration of the basic science of microbiology (Part I) and a survey of the various kinds of microorganisms (Part II). Finally, we examine the way humans use microorganisms and the essential roles microorganisms play in Earth's ecology (Part V).

Key Features:-

  • Case histories, many of the photos and electron micrographs, and topics in the boxed features come f
  • Each case history is followed by bullet points called "Case Connections," that integrate the case ma
  • Early introduction and prominent coverage of newly emerging and reemerging diseases such as Anthrax,
  • Sharper Focus boxes give students greater detail when a topic calls for it.