Microcontrollers: Theory And Applications contains all the topics pertaining to both the practical applications and theory of concepts including the programming, architecture and the interfacing of microcontrollers. The book specialises in concepts pertaining to microcontrollers such as Intel’s MCS-8051, PIC16C6X, 16C7X and ATMEL 89CXX61 and 89C51. Various applications of these types of microcontrollers in different industries have also been incorporated into the detailed concepts of programming and interfacing. The key features of this book are the interfacing and programming of the Intel microprocessors and its industrial applications and topics pertaining to ADC/DAC Interfacing, LED, Power MOSFETs and Process Control Design. The book comprises two parts covering learning microcontrollers in its first part and PIC microcontrollers in the second part. The concepts covered in these two parts are Introduction to Microcontrollers, Industrial Applications of Microcontrollers, Interfacing and Microcontroller Applications, MCS-51 Interrupts, Timer/Counters and Serial Communication, 8051 Microcontrollers, Connections, Memory Organization and I/O Ports, 8051 Assembly Language Programming Tools, MCS-51, Addressing Modes and Instructions, 8051 Pin Description, More About PIC Microcontrollers, Applications of Atmel 89C51, MCS-51 and 89C2051 Microcontrollers, Design with Atmel Microcontrollers, 16F8XX Flash Microcontrollers, Math Calculations and Advanced Programming.

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