Provides the fundamentals and application skills for engineers interested in traditional and modern fluid dynamics Guides students to solve fluid dynamics problems independently Addresses industrial demands and post-graduate expectations for a sound knowledge base of modern fluid dynamics topics About the Book: Modern Fluid Dynamics: Basic Theory and Selected Applications in Macro- and Micro-Fluidics This textbook covers the essentials of traditional and modern fluid dynamics, i.e., the fundamentals of and basic applications in fluid mechanics and convection heat transfer with brief excursions into fluid-particle dynamics and solid mechanics. Specifically, the book can be used to enhance the knowledge base and skill level of engineering and physics students in macro-scale fluid mechanics (see Chapters I-V), followed by an introductory excursion into micro-scale fluid dynamics (see Chapters VI-X). Clearly, most of Chapters I-X could be taught in one course to honours-level seniors and first-year graduates. A Solutions Manual to the assigned book problems will be provided. This work evolved primarily out of industrial demands and post-graduate expectations, because a fine knowledge base in modern fluid dynamics is important, focusing on novel application areas such as microfluidics, mixture flows, fluid-structure interaction, biofluid dynamics, thermal flows, and fluid-particle transport. Building on courses in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and solid mechanics as prerequisites as well as on a junior-level math background, a differential approach is most insightful to teach the fundamentals in fluid mechanics, to explain traditional and modern applications on an intermediate level, and to provide sufficient physical insight to understand results, later on generated with useful CFD software.

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Author(s)Kleinstreuer C
PublisherSpringer Exclusive(Cbs)
Publish YearJanuary 2009