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Mother Teresa, Ceo

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General Information  
Author(s)Bose and Ruma
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2011


McGraw Hill Mother Teresa, Ceo by Bose and Ruma

The first book to portray Mother Teresa as the realistic, pragmatic leader of one of the world\'s most recognized and successful global organizations. Offers eight surprising leadership lessons and shows how they can improve and enrich any leader or organization. Draws on coauthor Ruma Bose\'s firsthand experiences working with Mother Teresa. When most people think of Mother Teresa, they think of a saint--a spiritual hero of extraordinary humanitarian accomplishments, a Nobel Peace Prize winner. But Mother Teresa was also the leader of one of the world\'s largest and most successful organizations: the Missionaries of Charity. Since founding it in 1948 she has raised billions of dollars, and with over a million volunteers in more than 100 countries, it remains one of the most recognized brands in the world. How did one nun who never received any formal education in business build such an impressive global organization? Frank, realistic, and firmly grounded in practicality, Mother Teresa\'s leadership style helped to inspire and organize people across the world. This book shares eight essential leadership principles drawn from Mother Teresa\'s example and applies them to today\'s business world. Authors Ruma Bose, an entrepreneur who volunteered with Mother Teresa, and Lou Faust, a leading business expert, are the first to examine her in this light--as a leader whose management style and dedication to a singular vision led to one of the world\'s most unlikely success stories. Mother Teresa may have been a saint, but her spectacular success was not a product of divine providence. Her genius was the simplicity of her vision and her dedication to its implementation. It was in the way she treated her people, refusing to distance herself from the everyday work of a typical sister of the Missionaries of Charity. It was in how she handled tough choices--like accepting donations from brutal Haitian dictator Francois \"Papa Doc\" Duvalier. These were the principles that made h