...Nanotechnology - based quantum computers would revolutionize computing and increase their computing power tremendously... From the Foreword by Prof. C N R Rao. Computing at the nanoscale is set to revolutionize computing and our way of life. Nanocomputing will help technologists to meet the quest to pack power of computing into the smallest possible device without compromising on speed or accuracy. Nanocomputing elucidates contemporary ideas on the domain along with the prospects and challenges. It covers the underlying physics, reliability and nanoscale quantum, optical and molecular computing. Also it comprehensively discusses QCA implementation and provides an opportunity to work on nanocomputing with nothing more than a desktop PC. This book will help scientists, researchers and professionals in related disciplines to understand the fundamentals of this upcoming domain. Students of nanocomputing and nanotechnology will also find it useful.

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Author(s)SAHNI and VISHAL
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2008