The approach of our book is to focus on nanoparticle characterization techniques. The chapter presented in this book mainly attempted the application aspect of production of nanoparticles and its characterization. We will be writing fifteen chapters; the first four chapters will provide the Basics of Nanotechnology including biosafety and ethical concern with nanotechnology and the remaining eleven chapters will provide the entire techniques of nanoparticle characterization including UV-VIS Spectroscopy, FTIR, Particle size analyzer, ultra-sonicator, ultra centrifuge, TEM, SEM, ICPMS, XRD, AFM and Lithographic technique.The ultimate purpose of this book is to equip the reader with comprehensive knowledge in Nanotechnology with reference to basic as well as applied aspects. It contains pre-digested information on nanotechnology for good understanding, assimilation and reproducibility. The academic level of the book would be from undergraduate to research scholars/scientific persons/technicians.

More Details about Nanotechnology (Paperback)

General Information  
Author(s)Tarafdar and J C
PublisherScientific Publishers
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2012