Rarely covered in formal engineering courses, natural gas hydrates are a common problem and real-life danger for engineers worldwide. Updated and more practical than ever, "Natural Gas Hydrates, Third Edition" helps managers and engineers get up to speed on all the most common hydrate types, how to forecast when they will appear, and safely mitigate their removal. Known for being highly flammable, gas hydrates are a preventable threat that can costs millions of dollars in damage, as well as take the lives of workers and engineers on the rig. The third edition of "Natural Gas Hydrates" is enhanced with today s more complex yet practical utilization needs including: New hydrate types and formers, including mercaptans and other sulfur compoundsVital information on how to handle hydrate formation in the wellbore, useful information in light of the Macondo explosion and resulting oil spillMore detailed phase diagrams, such as ternary systems, as well as more relevant multicomponent mixtures.

Key Features:-

  • Quantifiably measure the conditions that make hydrates possible and mitigate the right equipment cor
  • Predict and examine the conditions at which hydrates form with simple and complex calculation exerci
  • Gain knowledge and review lessons learned from new real-world case studies and examples

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Author(s)John Carroll
PublisherElsevier Science
Publish YearJanuary 2014