With the popularity of the web and other text-heavy applications, there has been a great demand for text mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP) recently. Those researching text mining have long hoped that NLP would enable users to extract a fuller meaning from free text, which would make way for several improvements in text-mining applications. It is to help those interested in learning more about text mining and NLP that authors Anne Kao and Steve Poteet have written the book Natural Language Processing And Text Mining. This book, by amalgamating the viewpoints of international experts and researchers in the subject, discusses the applications of NLP techniques to text-mining tasks. To make the information provided clearer to readers, the text includes a plenty of real-life applications of text-mining and NLP algorithms.The information has been presented in such a way that the text will be make for a good read not only for the experts but even for novices. Some prominent topics covered in the book are novel and high-impact text mining and NLP, extracting product features and opinions from reviews, extracting relations from text, handling of imbalanced data in text classification and automatic evaluation of ontologies. The book throws light on some traps when trying to apply NLP to text mining, it illustrates preparation and preprocessing of text data by offering practical examples and it explores related techniques along with giving potential enhancements on these.

Key Features:-

  • This text is useful as study material for advanced students of the subject.

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General Information  
Author(s)Kao Anne Et Al
PublisherSpringer India
Publish YearJanuary 2011