More Details about Neem The Divine Tree Azadirachta Indica (HB)

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PublisherRoutledge Taylor and Francis group
BindingHard Back
Publish YearJanuary 2012


Neem describes various aspects of this tree, known from ancient times for its medicinal properties. Recent studies have shown neem derivatives to be good immunomodulators, antimicrobial agents against most pathogens, and to have potential as a contraceptive. Large scale cultivation of neem is now possible in areas of the world which have degraded soil and a polluted atmosphere. The discovery of a safe phytopesticide from neem, azadirachtin, has given a new stimulus to the research on the various chemical constituents. Studies have shown that, after various treatments, neem seed can be incorporated in cattle and poultry feed. It may be used for food preservation, in body-care products, and as a household pesticide. This comprehensive treatment of neem should be of interest to everyone involved in medicinal and aromatic plant research.