Negotiation is not formulaic. How we negotiate is determined largely by the context in which the negotiation process takes place.

Negotiation: Communication for Diverse Settings provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the negotiation process as it applies to a wide variety of contexts. Skillfully weaving practitioner interviews and real world examples throughout the book, Michael Spangle and Myra Warren Isenhart emphasize the day-to-day relevance of negotiation skill. The authors provide knowledge vital to successful negotiation in a variety of situations, including interpersonal relations, the workplace, shopping and other consumer settings, community relations, and international affairs. Discussions of the moral and ethical dilemmas of negotiation-as well as the detail provided in various sections, such as international negotiations will undoubtedly prove useful to novice and seasoned negotiators alike.

Features of this text:
- Takes a communication perspective, analyzing the negotiation process and how different settings and elements affect negotiation strategies and techniques
- Discusses the cultural context of conflict
- Introduces basic theoretical principles and practical steps in the negotiating process
- Moves on a continuum from micro (interpersonal) to macro (international) levels of negotiation
- Addresses the interpersonal skills necessary for effective negotiation, factors that cause negotiations to break down, and what to do when that happens
- Includes Professional Profiles interviews with professional negotiators from a variety of backgrounds
- Brings concepts to life for students through the use of boxed negotiation examples from a variety of contexts

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General Information  
Author(s)Michael L Spangle and Myra Warren Isenhart
PublisherSAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd
Publish YearMarch 2008