More Details about New Asian Residences: Integration And Innovation Of Asian Style And Modern Design

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Publish YearJuly 2013


The concept of neo-Asianism has been applied mostly in cultural and economical fields, but recently it is reflected more and more in architecture. Neo-Asianism mainly refers to architects recognition of contemporary architectural design under the trend of globally cultural interchange. Strong Asian regional culture has been regarded as the foundation which combines with modern western culture to improve the function. In this way, Asian excellent traditional culture has been developed very well, at the same time, being more suitable for modern lifestyle.This book has carefully selected more than forty Asian residential developments which have been distributed into three cultural districts, namely East Asia, Southeast Asia and West Asia. In this way, it conveys that in different Asian areas, architects have different understandings and practices on neo-Asianism architecture. The three areas mentioned above have the most representative architectural styles in Asia, thus the projects, which are selected, are mainly sourced from well-known architects products. Thousands of high definition pictures and detailed design explanation explore the breakthrough and changes of Asian architecture in terms of design style and development mode in this new era. More architects are expected to join this field to improve Asian architectural style through their own practice and efforts.