Once again Nise provides readers with an up-to-date resource for analyzing and designing real-world feedback control systems. Throughout the Fifth Edition, emphasis is placed on the practical application of control systems engineering. It offers a balanced treatment of the hardware and software sides of the development of embedded systems along with in-depth discussions on the embedded systems development lifecycle. Readers will also find an accessible introduction to hardware debugging and testing in the development process. About the Author Norman S. Nise is at California State Polytechnic State University Pomona. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Modeling in the Frequency Domain Modeling in the Time Domain Time Response Reduction of Multiple Subsystems Stability Steady-State Errors Root Locus Techniques Design via Root Locus Frequency Response Techniques Design via Frequency Response Design via State Space Digital Control Systems

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Author(s)Norman S. Nise
PublisherWiley India
Publish YearNovember 2018