More Details about Nursing Administration for PB BSc Nursing

General Information  
Author(s)Nima VP
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Publish YearMarch 2016


This book comprises of several units as per the INC syllabus. The nurse educators will find it easy to teach their students and prepare them for the examinations. 
I am sure that this book will serve as a perfect teaching guide and good reference book for the students. This book will also bring a uniform standard of Post Basic nursing students. 
This book has been organized in a simple and understanding language in author’s knowledge. The diagrams and flow charts are placed wherever needed in the chapters.

Key Features:
• Aims to provide a brief, yet comprehensive, concept of nursing administration 

• In a user-friendly and easy-to-follow manner 

• Prepared systematically and in a logical manner 

• A perfect teaching guide for the teachers 

• Important questions are given as per the INC syllabus 

• A reader-friendly text 

• Simple and easy to comprehend 

• Serves as a resource and reference material for the nursing personnel.