Ever-increasing specialization has made necessary and inevitable to specify the need of emergency not only to the ophthalmologist but also to all the medical fraternity. The aim of this book is to highlight the emergency in ophthalmology which if ignored even temporarily be a cause of visual morbidity. A detailed description and discussion of the individual problem is outside the scope of this text. Only a multivolume encyclopedic work could possibly accomplish such a task. However, we have tried to explain some of them in a descriptive fashion enabling the reader to better understand at what point they can prevent and treat the emergency. I hope, it will be of value as a concise reference text for both the primary health care provider and the specialist in need of information. One of the greatest challenges in creating this book is its organization. An attempt has been made to adhere to fairly traditional ocular emergencies, while at the same time taking into account some other information that allows to complete the list. This book is the product of the collective efforts of many hundreds of well- wishers, foremost being my dear students. The coordination and the secretarial assistance needed to create this book were provided courtesy of the talent and hard work of Ms. Anu Bali, Mr. J.P. Singh and Mr. Harvinder Singh. Additional thanks go to the staff of CBS Publishers and especially to the editor Mr. Dharmvir and Mr. B.M. Singh whose encouragement and persistence were crucial to the completion of this project. I am deeply indebted to my teachers and colleagues for it is through their critical questions that it was possible for me to complete this book. Finally, despite best efforts, ventures of this kind are not likely to be free of human errors and typographic mistakes. Therefore, a feedback from the user will be of utmost help in improving second edition of the book.

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Author(s)Panda A
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Publish YearJanuary 2005