More Details about Ophthalmic Microsurgery:Principles, Techniques and application

General Information  
Author(s)Garg Steinert
Publish YearJanuary 2014


Excellent microsurgery derives not from natural dexterity alone or from pure book knowledge, but from these features combined with an appreciation of the instrumentation, physical forces, and tissue reactions that create the environment of microsurgery. Ophthalmic Microsurgery conveys both the art and science of microsurgery from an ophthalmic perspective. This unique resource begins with the principles and techniques of microsurgery, which can be applied to all types of surgeries and includes detailed laboratory exercises to teach the key concepts. The second section addresses the specific applications. While not an encyclopaedia of all surgical interventions, the authors provide an overview of key surgical competencies that are relevant to the various ophthalmic subspecialties. Ophthalmic Microsurgery is set apart from other similar resources by having a comprehensive and concise focus on translating surgical principles into reality through simple and inexpensive exercises. Grounded in practicality and requiring only basic materials, Ophthalmic Microsurgery covers the theory and basics of microsurgery needed during the ophthalmic surgical training of residents and fellows and serves as an excellent manual for the more experienced ophthalmologists looking to refine their technique in microsurgery.