Optics by Dr. Ghatak is a classic text and is designed to provide a comprehensive account of important topics in this exciting field to meet the requirements of a course on OPTICS for undergraduate students of Science and Engineering. The text covers all important topics in the subject such as History of Optics, Fiber Optics, Lasers, Fraunhofer Diffraction, Dirac Delta Function, Fourier Transforms and Fourier Optics along with numerous solved and unsolved problems for practice.

Salient Features:
• 100% Coverage to UGC Syllabus
• New chapter of “Quantum Theory”
• Updated content on Photonics, Fiber Optics and Lasers

1. History of Optics
2. What is Light: A Brief History
3. Fermat’s Principle and its Applications
4. Refraction and Reflection by Spherical Surfaces
5. The Matrix Method in Paraxial Optics
6. Aberrations
7. Simple Harmonic Motion, Forced Vibrations and Origin of Refractive Index
8. Fourier Series and Applications
9. The Dirac Delta Function and Fourier Transforms
10. Group Velocity and Pulse Dispersion
11. Wave Propagation and the Wave Equation
12. Huygens’ Principle and its Applications
13. Superposition of Waves
14. Two Beam Interference by Division of Wavefront
15. Interference by Division of Amplitude
16. Multiple Beam Interferometry
17.  Coherence
18.  Fraunhofer Diffraction I
19.  Fraunhofer Diffraction II and Fourier Optics
20. Fresnel Diffraction
21. Holography
22.  Polarization and Double Refraction
23. Electromagnetic Waves
24. Reflection and Refraction of Electromagnetic Waves
25. Particle Nature of Radiation: The Photon
26.  Quantum Nature of the Photon and Entanglement
27. Lasers: An Introduction
28.  Optical Fiber Basics using Ray Optics
29.  Fiber Optics II: Basic Waveguide Theory and Concept of Modes
30. Fiber Optics III: Single Mode Fibers
31. Special Theory of Relativity I: Time Dilation and Length Contraction
32. Special Theory of Relativity II: The Mass-energy Relation
33. Special Theory of Relativity III: Lorentz Transformations

Key Features:-

  • 100% Coverage to UGC Syllabus
  • New chapter of “Quantum Theory”
  • Updated content on Photonics, Fiber Optics and Lasers

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Edition6th Edition
Publish YearAugust 2016