This book Organic Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry consists of three volumes. The present edition has been thoroughly revised and enlarged with some 100 new drugs and their preparations. The new medicinal compounds have been selected according to their practical utility and didactic importance. Chemical and biochemical aspects of important drugs pertaining to their development biological contents and structure activity relationship have been supplemented. The individual chapters have been uniformly designed and subject matter put in the usual familiar style. The regular design of descriptive presentation has been adopted under the headings of structure of drug properties pharmacology structure activity relationship biotransformation synthesis analysis and uses. The analytical portion of the book deals with methods investigating and analysing the drugs and their preparations - qualitatively and quantitatively examination of test samples isolation of active ingredients from pharmaceutical form separation in chemical form verification of active ingredients and verification of excipients. All the analytical methods including Chromatographic techniques have been described. The aromatic part deals with general aromatic chemistry along with medicinal chemistry and compounds and preparations belonging to it. This highly acclaimed textbook is aimed primarily at the requirement of students of pharmacy including those of Pharm. D. It certainly forms a reference book for pharmacists and chemists in their proven field of activity.

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Author(s)Qadry J S
BindingPaper Back
Publish YearJanuary 2012