This textbook on spectroscopy covers NMR Mass IR and UV in a lucid and didactic style: 1D-2D- and 3D-NMR: Fourier Transform (FT) NMR Chemical Shift Spin-Spin Splitting First- order and Second-order Spectra NOE TOCSY C-13 NMR NMR Relaxation Spin-lattice Spin-Spin Relaxation Relaxation Times T and T2 determination APT and DEPT NMR Hardware and Software Coherence Transfer INEPT COSY DQF-COSY COSY-3S HETCOR NOESY ROESY HSQC HMQC HMBC 3D-NMR ROC TROSY MRI PFGNMR H C-13 P-31 N-1S NMR. Mass Spectroscopy: Mass Spectrometer Ionization Techniques: EI CI Field Desorption (FD) Fast Atom Bombardment (FAB) Electrospray Ionization (ESI) Nanospray Ionization MALOI TPSI Analyzers: Magnetic Sector TOF ICR FTICR Quadrupole MS/MS GC-MS GC-HPLC Negative Ion Mass Spectrometry IR: 10-20- and UV Spectroscopy. This book is useful for upper level undergraduates graduates of chemistry and B.Pharm M.Pharm Ph.D and Postdoctorates of Chemistry Pharmacy Biochemistry Bio- physics NET (CSIR-UGC) JRF GPAT GATE SLET CSE HCS GRE etc. Competitive Exams. This is a textbook that all students and teachers of spectroscopy must read otherwise they would miss out many new ideas.

More Details about Organic Spectroscopy (N M R I R Mass and U V)

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Author(s)Dewan S K
BindingPaper Back
Publish YearJanuary 2012