The derivation of structural information from spectroscopic datais now an integral part of organic chemistry courses at allUniversities. A critical part of any such course is asuitable set of problems to develop the student sunderstanding of how structures are determined fromspectra. Organic Structures from Spectra, Fifth Edition is acarefully chosen set of more than 280 structural problems employingthe major modern spectroscopic techniques, a selection of 27problems using 2D–NMR spectroscopy, more than 20 problemsspecifically dealing with the interpretation of spin–spin couplingin proton NMR spectra and 8 problems based on the quantitativeanalysis of mixtures using proton and carbon NMRspectroscopy. All of the problems are graded to develop andconsolidate the student s understanding of organicspectroscopy. The accompanying text is descriptive and onlyexplains the underlying theory at a level which is sufficient totackle the problems. The text includes condensed tables ofcharacteristic spectral properties covering the frequentlyencountered functional groups. The examples themselves have been selected to include allimportant common structural features found in organic compounds andto emphasise connectivity arguments. Many of the compoundswere synthesised specifically for this purpose. There aremany more easy problems, to build confidence and demonstrate basicprinciples, than in other collections.

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Author(s)Field L D Et Al
PublisherJohn Wiley
Publish YearJanuary 2013