More Details about PROB & SOLN IN ELECTR MACH

General Information  
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2013


Some subjects require a lot of numerical problems to be solved for better understanding of the concepts. The Problems and Solutions suite of books is designed to make learning smart and effortless. Developed by experts, these books are a treasure trove of solved numericals, of varying levels of difficulty, that aid conceptual understanding of the subject. In addition to the numericals, basic concepts, list of important formulae and review questions have also been provided. A question bank, of objective-type questions modeled on the pattern of questions that appear in the examination papers of various technical universities and of competitive examinations like GATE and IES, has been included along with answers.

Key Features:-

  • Highly illustrative, step-wise problem solving approach.
  • Important concepts enumerated in Q & A format.
  • Question Bank reflecting popular examination questions, with answers.