More Details about Physics Of Semiconductor Devices 3rd Edition

General Information  
Author(s)S M Sze
Edition3rd Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2015


This classic reference provides detailed information on the underlying physics and operational characteristics of all major bipolar, unipolar, special microwave, and optoelectronic devices. It integrates nearly 1,000 references to important original research papers and review articles, and includes more than 650 high-quality technical illustrations and 25 tables of material parameters for device analysis. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Part I Semiconductor Physics · Physics and Properties of Semiconductors-A Review Part II Device Building Blocks · p-n Junctions · Metal-Semiconductor Contacts · Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Capacitors Part III Transistors · Bipolar Transistors · MOSFETs · JFETs, MESFETs, and MODFETs Part IV Negative-Resistance and Power Devices · Tunnel Devices · IMPATT Diodes · Transferred-Electron and Real-Space-Transfer Devices · Thyristors and Power Devices Part V Photonic Devices and Sensors · LEDs and Lasers · Photodetectors and Solar Cells · Sensors Appendixes A. List of Symbols B. International System of Units C. Unit Prefixes D. Greek Alphabet E. Physical Constants F. Properties of Important Semiconductors G. Properties of Si and GaAs H. Properties of SiO, and Si3N Index