More Details about Physiology Of Fungi 3rd Edition

General Information  
Author(s)Bilgrami and K S
PublisherScientific Publishers
Edition3rd Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2011


The importance of Fungi in food, feed, beverages, drugs and pharmaceuticals etc. is well known. However, recent spurt in their use in agriculture and industry has been chiefly on account of rapid and significant advancements in the field of Biotechnology. Obviously, intensive & extensive studies on this diverse group of organisms are receiving vigorous attention the world-over and enormous literature is accumulating on the subject with fungal physiology occupying the centre-stage. The "Physiology of Fungi" by Bilgrami and Verma is an attempt to compile and compose the important findings and information relating to fungal physiology and biochemistry in a meaningful and useful format. It is a university-level book written for graduate & post-graduate students, teachers and research-workers in the fields of Botany, Mycology, Plant Pathology, Microbiology, Biochemistry & Plant Physiology, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Industries etc. In view of its wide applicability, the first 2 editions of the book were supported and subsidized by the National Book Trust, Govt. of India, and both the editions met their objectives well. The current (3rd) edition of the book has been revised and enlarged to comprehend the large volume of recent advancements made in the field and has been equipped with new Chapters, Figures, topics of applied significance, emphasis on economically and industrially important fungi like edible & medicinal mushrooms, ECM fungi etc. and a rich Bibliography to promote and aid further readings. As usual, this edition is also written in a simple and comprehensible language with adequate illustrations, data and references, which together make an ideal and interesting reading of a complex subject.