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Physiology Of Human Female Lactation (Pb 2021) by ALEKSEEV N.P., SPRINGER

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)ALEKSEEV N.P.
    Publish YearFebruary 2022


    SPRINGER Physiology Of Human Female Lactation (Pb 2021) by ALEKSEEV N.P.

    This comprehensive Monograph examines all peripheral and central mechanisms of regulating the secretion of milk from the lactating breast. The author reviews the complete female breast development, starting with the early childhood, up to pregnancy and lactation. Structural and ultrastructural data on the alveolar-ductal system, together with details of breast innervation, are used to investigate the physiological process of lactation. Readers will appreciate the special focus on reflexes, both in the child and the mother, that help to regulate maternal milk production and secretion. Following this, the author sheds a light on the composition and dynamics of milk components during the different periods of lactation. The final section of this volume focusses on practical aspects of modern breastfeeding, like the use of breast pumps or galactogogues, to influence the productivity of milk production.These fundamental principles and structural details will be particularly useful for physiologists and clinicians working in gynecology and pediatrics. CHAPTER 1: Introduction.1.1 Brief history of research on the physiology of female lactation and breastfeeding.CHAPTER 2: Origin and development of the breast.2.1.The origin of the breast.2.2 Breast development.2.2.1 Prenatal development of the breast.2.2,2 Development and functioning of the breast in the first two years of life. 2.2.3 Breast development during puberty.2.2.4 Development and functioning of the breast of a mature woman. 2.2.5 Development and functioning of the breast during pregnancy.CHAPTER 3: Structure of the lactating breast.3.1 Structure of the alveolar-ductal system.3.1.1 Alveolus.3.1.2. The basement membrane.3.1.3 Ductal system of the breast.3.1.4. Stromal environment of the alveolar duct system.3.2 The circulatory system of the breast.3.3. The lymphatic system of the breast.3.4. Innervation of the breast.3.4.1 The external afferent receptors of the breast.3.4.2 Afferent receptors of internal structures of the breast.3.5 The muscular system of the breast.CHAPTER 4: Breast function during the initial period of lactation (lactogenesis I and II).4.1. Beginning of lactation (lactogenesis I).4.2. The establishment of lactation (lactogenesis II).4.2.1 Rooting reflex of the child.4.2.2 Infant's milk ejection reflex.4.2.3 Mother's milk ejection reflex.4.2.4 Maternal reflex of milk secretion.CHAPTER 5: The period of established lactation (lactogenesis III).5.1 Composition and dynamics of mature milk.5.2. Productivity of lactation.5.2.1 Effect of prolactin on the volume of secreted milk.5.2.2 Effect of oxytocin on the volume of secreted milk.5.2.3. Galactogogues.5.2.4. Effects of breast pump use on milk productivity.5.3 Postlactational involution of the mammary gland.