This book presents the principles of hand trauma and plasticreconstructive surgery in a clear and concise manner. Its aim is toinstruct the reader on how to identify the priorities of treatmentand, using the principles of therapy, select the appropriatetreatment modalities. Part one presents the principles of burns andplastic surgery, followed by an explanation of the roles of themultidisciplinary team. Part two explores the role of thephysiotherapist and includes the principles of hand therapy,assessment and treatment modalities. Treatment rationales are referenced with the available evidenceand aspects that lack evidence are highlighted, with the intentionof stimulating further investigation. In order to clarify andreaffirm essential parts of the text, key point boxes are providedregularly throughout the book.

More Details about Physiotherapy for Burns and Plastic Reconstruction of the Hand

General Information  
Author(s)Nicole Glassey
PublisherJohn Wiley
Publish YearJanuary 2004