More Details about Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry

General Information  
Author(s)Holland G
Publish YearAugust 2006


Atomic spectrometry has exciting new bio-analytical horizons open to it, principally through the developments in the capabilities of ICP-MS coupled with the inventiveness of experimentalists. This is reflected in the use of the technique for ion-, capillary electrophoresis-, liquid- and gas-chromatographic separation in biological applications, as reported in this book. Traditional (environmental, semiconductor, geological and clinical) applications are also well represented. In addition, recent and future developments in sample introduction devices, multicollector sector, reaction cells and collision cells instruments, as well as co-existence, divergence and potential convergence of atomic and biomolecular mass spectrometries are discussed. Reflecting the current state of practical ICP-MS and drawing together the latest developments in the field, Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry: Current Trends and Future Developments is ideal for university researchers and laboratory practitioners. It will be of interest to all those involved in the development and application of this technique.