More Details about Poultry Diseases: A Guide For Farmers & Poultry Professionals. 2e (PB)

General Information  
Author(s)Vegad J L
Publish YearJanuary 2008


The industry has been finally hit by bird flu. For want of an effectivevaccine, it remains virtually defenceless. Morek's disease has resurfaced, inflicting up to 60% mortality and ruining farmer's economy. Menace of other viral, bacterial and protozoal diseases continues unabated. The drug resistance against antibiotics is on the increase. These are the harsh realities of today's poultry farming. The industry must face up to the challenges. In Keeping with the present scenario, the second edition has been extensively revised. Many chapters are completely rewritten.

Key Features:-

  • The section on avian influenza (bird flu) has been completely rewritten, covering all aspects of the
  • The section on marek's disease has been revised and updated.
  • A lot of new information has been added on necrotic enteritis, infection, Ranikhet disease, and almo
  • hapter on The Aviaon Immune System has been revised and updated.
  • In view of the problem of drug resistance and relative ineffectiveness of antibiotics
  • A major effort has been made to update the list of company's products. Those that are no longer mark