Power Electronic Systems: Walsh Analysis with MATLAB® builds a case for Walsh analysis as a powerful tool in the study of power electronic systems. It considers the application of Walsh functions in analyzing power electronic systems, and the advantages offered by Walsh domain analysis of power electronic systems. This book successfully integrates power electronics as well as systems and control. Incorporating a complete orthonormal function set very much unlike the sine–cosine functions, it introduces a blending between piecewise constant orthogonal functions and power electronic systems. It explores the background and evolution of power electronics, and discusses Walsh and related orthogonal basis functions. It develops the mathematical foundation of Walsh analysis, and first- and second-order system analyses by Walsh technique. It also describes the Walsh domain operational method and how it is applied to linear system analysis. While presenting the underlying principles of Walsh analysis, the authors incorporate many illustrative examples, and include a basic introduction to linear algebra and MATLAB® programs. They also examine different orthogonal piecewise constant basis functions like Haar, Walsh, slant, block pulse functions, and other related orthogonal functions along with their time scale evolution. Power Electronic Systems: Walsh Analysis with MATLAB® is written for postgraduate students, researchers, and academicians in the area of power electronics as well as systems and control.

Key Features:-

  • Analyzes pulse–fed single input single output (SISO) first- and second-order systems
  • Considers stepwise and continuously pulse width modulated chopper systems
  • Describes a detailed analysis of controlled rectifier circuits
  • Addresses inverter circuits

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General Information  
Author(s)Deb and Anish and Ghosh and Suchismita
PublisherT and F CRC
Publish YearApril 2014