More Details about Practical Anatomy Workbook, 2/E (PB)

General Information  
PublisherCBS Publishers & Distributors
Edition2nd Edition
Publish YearAugust 2018


Practical forms an important and integral part of learning anatomy. For a long time students have been drawing diagrams on common science practical notebooks. The paucity of suitable publications has motivated the authors to bring out this well organised anatomy practical workbook. The workbook provides practical work on general anatomy and all six sections of gross anatomy. All topics of various sections have been followed by clinical anatomy, an important aspect of anatomy not only for the examination but also for their future clinical training. More diagrams have to be drawn by the students in the present edition. This will hone their artistic skills. About twelve pages have been added to make the workbook more spacious. The workbook is ideally suited to serve the practical requirements of undergraduate students of medical, dental, and allied health sciences courses.